Ivey's Slimy Boyfriend

"Ivey? Are you there?" Tyler said through a dead-bolted door. "I promise, I didn't tell anyone."

So how does everyone know? She thought, the back of her head resting against the same door. We were alone when you did it, so how is it that everyone knows you shoved your dick up my ass?

"I'm sorry, okay? I figured it would feel awesome, you know. Please, can you open up and talk to me face to face?"

No, if I saw you now I would forgive you. She didn't think her anger would survive those puppy-dog eyes, never mind his broad shoulders or his rippling chest. This close to his voice, it thundered against her.

How did she land a guy like him anyway? They'd had some classes together, sure, but someone like him had so much more variety to choose from to settle for the creepy loner chick.

It had taken weeks of flirting, asking for dates before she realized it wasn't a trick. The handsome guy on the football scholarship actually had a thing for her and now she was throwing it away.

Ivey wondered if she would get more hate from being the anal girl or from being the one who threw her chance with him away. His fans already didn't like her, but would this be an even worse insult to their pride?

The creepy one threw away what you couldn't get, aren't you a loser?

"Ivey? I promise, we never have to do that again. I get it, I should have asked, but I really thought there was enough lube that it wouldn't hurt. Come on, just talk to me, that's all I want." He knocked on the door and the impact rattled against her head. "Please, even if you want to end this, end us, can't you tell me...? Fine, I guess I'll see you in business financing class..."

The hall thudded with the sound of his footfalls as he left. No doubt every other girl in the dorms would have their ears pressed to the walls and the cacophony of gossip would soon be flooding the halls.

He would be back again after she didn't show up for class. For being handsome and charismatic, it was his persistence that had reeled her in before.

Times like this, Ivey truly appreciated being forced into the smallest available room. Nobody had wanted to bunk up with her, so the girl that won the draw gave it up to her. Along with half the living space came a coveted benefit in the form of a personal bathroom for reasons only known to the architect.

And the greatest benefit: if Ivey didn't want to see anyone, she could hole up as long as her mini fridge's supplies lasted. And she could even wash her clothes in the bath if it came to that.

Yes, a bath sounded nice.

Ivey started the hot water and sloughed out of her clothes, the cool spring air tickling her bare skin until her small bathroom filled with steam. A little splash of fragrance oil soon had the warm air smelling like a cabana.

She dipped her toes and the heat had her jump. This happened every time, so she forced herself to submerge and take the heat all at once. Within seconds she was cradled in warmth.

With her legs swung over the end of her tub, Ivey was able to float. Though being enveloped in warmth and fragrance couldn't wash away her stress in one fell swoop, being able to rest with her ears under the water took her out of that place. The sounds of life that always surrounded her were dulled by the steam and water until she could daydream that everything was alright.

She rubbed her eyes and breathed in the mist to soothe the pains of intermittent crying and wrathful seething. It could all be okay if she just never thought about him again.

But the slightest, most cursory thought forced old memories to the forefront of her mind.

Tyler had taken Ivey to an arcade for their first date, lost to her at most of the games with a smile on his face. He didn't play the zombie shooting game alongside her because he lost his nerve at gore, but stayed to the side of the cabinet and cheered her on as she went at it with both controllers.

When they tried the arm-wrestling game, he'd taken the chance to hold her hand while helping her overcome the machine. His hand dwarfed hers, and the way his muscles surged with power set off little fireworks in her chest.

That very night, they shared their first kiss in his room. And the second. They continued until his roommate got tired of waiting and broke them up so he could go to bed.

Ivey thanked god he had. From the way her fingers had wriggled under Tyler's shirt to trace his abs, they were minutes away from diving under the covers.

The memory built a heat in her breast that was flowing out, down into ticklish places. The subtle touches of her own skin were enough to shock her with sensation.

Letting it die out on its own would leave her anxious, she thought. It would make her desperate for human contact, drive her back into his arms to have him take care of it.

So she thrust her hand between her legs and plunged her fingers inside. Forgetting foreplay, she went at her pussy like a machine, bent on extinguishing her arousal as quickly as possible.

The other hand going to her breast, a nipple tweaked, her thumb twiddled across her clit, and within minutes, Ivey came to a shuddering orgasm, waves of hot water caressing her, splashing out onto the tile, until she came to a gasping rest.

This was how things were supposed to be, football players should fuck cheerleaders and creeps should keep to themselves. Ivey had lived a dream until now, more than she could have expected, and it was time to return herself and Tyler to their respective places: apart from one another.

She might have cried, but that well dried up days ago. So, with her sexual needs more or less satisfied, she floated there until the water lost its biting heat and she pulled the plug.

But as she set the plug aside, she noticed what looked like a ball of gelatin sitting next to the soaps. Was it some kind of artisan soap she forgot buying? It felt slimy, squished under the pressure of her fingertip, but that could have been a splash of water creating a soapy layer.

Plucking it into her hand, it did feel like a cross between molded gelatin and liquid soap, but Ivey thought she would remember buying something like this. She passed it between her hands and molded it, pinched it, and it would temporarily hold whatever new shape before flowing back into a ball.

Then it looked at her.

As if someone dragged their finger across its surface, it dented two little eyes and a slit for a "mouth". Ivey jumped back to the other side of the tub and hucked the slime to the other side where it splattered for a second before resuming its shape and squishing toward her.

Ivey didn't think to scream as it bounced onto her stomach and spread itself thin. And though she clawed at the jelly, it merely slid off her fingers and closed the gap. Ignoring her scratching and pleading, the slime spread over her pussy and squirted itself deep inside her.

Thrusting her fingers back inside, trying to scoop out the slime only resulted in the sensation of using too much lube. The slime pulsated inside, fucking her with its squishy, fluid mass.

Panicking, her legs weak underneath her, Ivey tried to crawl out of the tub, but she couldn't get any traction. The whole surface of the tub had a thin film of jelly and she ended up flopping on her chest with her butt hanging in the air.

Still pulsating inside her pussy, the slime creature extended tendrils of jelly, squeezing her thighs and cupping her pert butt. It felt as if a pump was filling her with warm lube and sucking it out several times a second, a sloshing sensation that had Ivey rocking against it even though the thing fucking her was stuck to her crotch.

Bent over in the tub being violated by some blob, Ivey panted with humiliating pleasure.

At some point the feel of it transitioned from gross to a kind of tingling that curled her toes. Despite everything, the shame and fear that burned her cheeks had her heart thudding heavily against her ribcage.

Again, she thrust her hand between her thighs and added her fingers to it all, thrust inside along with the slime, fucking herself while it pulsed in and out, its tendrils massaging her creamy flesh.

Just hoping to finish, Ivey pressed her palm firm against her lips and rubbed vigorously against the slickness she found there. Her voice bounced against the porcelain and she had to cover her mouth.

The slime became more intense even as her heart throbbed in her throat and she flopped to her side, the slime going too crazy in her pussy for her to concentrate on moving her own fingers.

Ivey could feel the pressure building in her belly of an intense pleasure that she held off with grit teeth and eyes closed tightly enough that she saw spots. As if it could sense her hesitation, the slime reared back, pulling itself fully out of her, then slammed back inside.

Her dam burst open. Thrashing in the tub, a deluge sprayed out past the slime's deep thrusting, coated the tub's bottom with her juices. Only when the contractions had passed did the slime finally release its grip and splash into the pool of love juice.

Even though she was still weak in the knees, Ivey managed to make herself tall enough to grab a hanging towel and haul herself out of the tub, and she made a mad dash for the door, slamming it against the slime.

Fearing it would slip through the cracks in the doorframe, she grabbed clothes from her hamper and jammed them into the crack. Hopefully that would keep the monster at bay.

Standing in the cold, buck naked, slickness dripping down her leg, Ivey laughed to herself.

A slime? Like the video games? It was beyond ludicrous, insane! The only evidence remaining was a pale, blue substance currently pooling at her feet and that might as well be body wash.

That had to be it, she'd imagined it all while masturbating with a handful of the stuff. The stress and lack of sleep must have finally caught up with her and produced a vivid daydream of being violated by a fantastic monster.

But Ivey balked at re-opening the bathroom door, toweled off as best she could for a nap. Ending up still too slimy to put on pajamas for the risk of ruining them, she tied on her bikini and made a nest of towels on her bed.

As Ivey washed away into dream, her door rattled with explosive knocking and she shot up.

"Miss? Are you in there?" The dorm advisor's voice came through. "Come on out, I wanna talk."

Ivey remained silent in hopes the woman would pass by, thinking she was asleep or gone. When the lock rattled, she sprinted to the door barely in time to slam it shut again.

"So you are alive?! Wonderful. I got people sayin' you're at the end of your rope. Whatever, try to get seen soon, before we start getting ghost stories about the freak that used to live in the corner room." She stomped away cursing Ivey under her breath for apparently jamming her finger against the door.

Ivey again sat against the door to the outside world in a cold sweat, staring at the bathroom door. She didn't know which one would be scarier to eventually open, but she knew only one had an enemy she could take on here and now.

She took an empty plastic-ware bowl and gripped it like a weapon, ready to slam it down on the monster and scoop it up, kicked away her makeshift barricade of towels, and threw open the door. And there the slime sat, like a smooshed jelly ball in the middle of the tile.

It moved toward Ivey, extending a pseudopod, and she brought the container over it with the loud slap of plastic against tile muffled by the blood rushing in her ears.

That had been too easy, she thought, but now she had it trapped and taped the lid on as tight as possible before throwing the monster in the freezer like leftovers.

Putting aside that monsters existed, Ivey had to go outside and make sure people saw her alive to avoid getting her door smashed in. She threw on a shirt and shorts and opened her door to the hall.

But she didn't manage a single step outside. Taylor had set up a little camp against the opposite wall with snacks and a pillow scavenged from the common room. He was ready to wait until hunger drove her out from her self-imposed exile.

He wasted no time reacting, wedging himself in the doorway before Ivey could slam it in his face. Little did he know that she wouldn't have put up a fight this time. Pushing inside, Ivey pushed back feebly against the firm wall of muscle.

"I just wanted to talk, you're the one that made it this hard." He pushed her back until she tripped into bed, landing in a protective ball to keep from seeing his face.

"Stop it." She said.

"Not until you hear me out. I'm not letting you go without a good reason; if this was enough to drive you away, give me a chance to make it up to you. Look, I admit it, I told some of my friends about it... I don't know who leaked it, none of them would admit it. But it isn't that big a deal. If you weren't freaking out about it, nobody would be teasing you a week from now."

Ivey took a deep breath and unfolded her arms so she could look him in his beautiful, blue eyes. Fighting off the urge to forgive him, to leap back into his strong arms nauseated her. But she found a reserve of outrage in the pit of her stomach that let her resist.

"Get out!" She suddenly screamed, making him flinch back. So she would be the crazy bitch again, fine. "Don't ever talk to me again or I'll scratch your damn eyes out!"

Neither of them noticed the fridge crack open.

"Don't say that." Tyler stepped toward the bed and Ivey was sure she would be a girlfriend by the end of the day. But with his first step, his foot shot out from under him and plopped him on his ass.

He'd have resumed his attack, but every time he planted a foot, it would slip free again and he would remain sprawled on the floor. Ivey saw that the fridge had opened itself and the pieces slid together.

"Keep him there!" Ivey told the slime. She jumped out of bed and reeled back for a single devastating kick to the nuts that sent Tyler sliding into the hall.

Slamming the door again, Ivey was left tearing up on the carpet. Whatever the slime wanted, at least it didn't attack her in this weakened state. It sat on the carpet before her, politely waiting to be addressed.

"You can understand me?"

The slime 'nodded'.

"You were protecting me?"

It nodded again.

Seeing Tyler again had stirred something in her heart, made worse by the adrenaline having its way with her. Ivey made a decision, she left her clothes in a heap at her feet and offered her hand to the slime for it to roll into her palm.

She laid in the nest of towels she'd made and brought the slime to her face. "If I say stop, you stop right away. Understand?"

It nodded and Ivey deposited it between her legs. It understood what she wanted immediately, forming its mass into a squishy dildo.

And it teased the opening, pushing its head in and popping out, squishing itself between her soft, pink lips. She squirmed, her butt bouncing off the bed, and there was no way to tell where its wetness ended and hers began. There was no escaping the sensation, tendrils extended to wrap around her thighs, pulling the slime tighter against her.

It pushed deeper until it had filled her and every stroke was like water being sucked out of her pussy, the almost frictionless slime dildo pulled out to the tip and slowly filled her again. With its gentle, sloshing motion, she felt like she was being fucked by the ocean.

When Ivey had relaxed and the slime's motion brought out sighs of pleasure, she felt something more. It had extended a little pseudopod that engulfed her clit, began suckling on it.

She gasped in surprise and everything stopped.

The slime seemed to look at her from its place between her legs, she thought it was looking for permission.

"It's okay, I was surprised, that's all." She said.

The slime returned to what it had been doing, Fucking her with its jelly dick and licking her clit, happy with the certainty that it had made the right choice.

Ivey was flooded with tingles as the thing lapped away at her most sensitive parts. It might have been too much if she weren't ready for it, but even now waves of pleasure crashed against her, bowing her against her bedspread.

To try and manage herself, Ivey rolled onto all fours, the sensation now feeling like the slime was taking her from behind, jelly spreading over her buttcheeks and squeezing for good measure.

She wondered if the slime enjoyed this, if grabbing her pert ass did anything for it. And she hoped it did.

Orgasm hovered just out of sight, kept at bay by the slime's slow pace. It... he filled her with steady, gentle thrusts of soft, squishy liquid that kept Ivey on the edge of cumming, and whenever its licking had her close, it would slow down entirely.

She ended up with her face in a pillow, grasping her sheets in two tight clumps as the slime agonized her. Her ass hung in the air, covered in slime, a quiet sloshing below her moans.

"You can go faster... if you want." She said.

The thrusts of its jelly dick quickened, the foamy sloshing getting louder. Once she'd acclimated to its size, the slime pumped more of itself inside, thickening against the walls of her pussy and producing enough friction to warm her from within.

Ivey bit her pillow, certain that it would stop if she moaned. Her toes curled, bearing the increased girth until she just didn't care anymore. She bobbed her ass against it despite there being no hips to meet hers.

The pace of it knocked Ivey prone with orgasm, but the slime didn't stop for a moment, spurned to slosh inside her even as she trembled. It slid, rubbed, and smooshed itself against her insides until her orgasm ran its course, leaving her panting in a pool of her own sweat and drool.

In this bliss, the outside world floated away on a current of wrung-out pleasure. Ivey felt she could live like this, stopping only to eat and sleep... perhaps not even then.

The slime squirted out of her pussy and crawled onto her back, spreading itself out like a cool sheet of lotion that tingled on her skin and dripped off the side, cupping her breasts, playfully teasing her nipples as she relaxed.

"Good boy." She said, reaching to pet its slick surface on her shoulder. "You weren't trying to hurt me in the bath, were you?"

She got the sense that it would say "No, I wanted to help make you feel better."

Ivey smiled, wondering how much of the slime's personality she was imagining, but couldn't find the will to care.

"Know what, I think I'll call you 'Blue'. Do you like that?"

The slime sucked her tit in a way she took as affirmative.

Now that Blue had a name, Ivey had a thought that hurt in her chest.

"You know, if you wanted to... can we do it again?"

Blue jiggled with excitement, but as it went to take its place it found that she was blocking access to her vagina. It found this puzzling and perched on Ivey's butt to wait for permission.

Ivey swallowed hard, worked up the courage she needed. "Can you... do it in my butt? Just, start out with something small, okay?"

A little pseudopod extended to rub around the puckered ring of her butthole, leaving a residue of tingling, slippery goo wherever it went. Ivey tensed against what she was expecting from last time: pain and heat, but it still wasn't coming. With a few tendrils, the slime spread her cheeks and pushed the finger-wide pseudopod inside.

There was a bit of pain as the slime pressed past her tight ass, but the quivering pseudopod squished and sloshed with so much natural lubrication that it felt more like an enema than getting fingered. It wiggled and rubbed against her insides, rooting around for the places that made her tense with pleasure and focusing its attention there. The slime-finger pressed with its tip against the other side of her vagina, the sense of fullness it gave her had her whimpering.












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