Slave Camp Ch. 15

Writing while engulfed in a blizzard, intermittent electricity and no water in the south is daunting. I managed to survive. As did my characters. I hope to continue the story.


Derek sat at the kitchen table. He was counting out hundred dollar bills, placing rubber bands at intervals. "What are you doing with all that money, Boss?" Sarah asked. She had just rolled in with Kat. Kat's mother, Lisa was sitting in a back bedroom, nervous about making an appearance in front of women who she feared might not like her even being around. Derek had allowed her to sit in quiet, so she took full advantage.

"I'm going to the slave sale in the morning." Derek answered. "Darren wants to buy some male slaves for his new business. I am thinking about investing in a few slaves with him."

"Okay, as long as you aren't gonna bring any home." Sarah said, giving him a hug from behind and a kiss on the cheek. "Until we get the addition built onto the house, we have ALL beds filled. Anymore and we'll have girls sleeping on the floor." She leaned over and whispered. "Plus, the slaves expect their owner to fuck them from time to time. Just to prove he owns them. I may be pregnant but I want the same thing from my man!" Derek looked up and smiled. He exchanged a loving kiss with one of the women who had transformed his whole existence.

Several months ago he was looking forward to a life of semi-monastic existence in retirement. He had thought briefly about buying a slave for a little sex and companionship but seriously wondered if he wanted one around full time. Oh, how Lady Fate had dealt the cards. Now he had six female slaves living under his roof plus two free women, both of whom he had impregnated. The shocker was he was NOT distraught by his fate. He actually embraced being a father again. And while he knew he was to be the patriarch, the man in charge, he did not care to push the role. He sat back happily to let Sarah and Lou run the show. Surprisingly at the slightest indication of his displeasure, they immediately acquiesced. They listened to his counsel and offered their own opinion. He loved it.

Both women were full lesbians a short time ago. They had a tight relationship for years. Why they had accepted him into their life Derek had absolutely no clue. But he embraced it. It filled a need he did not really know he had beforehand.

He had no heirs. His only son had died. The idea of these women bearing his progeny brought him nothing but excitement. He knew his money was not an issue. One of the women was far richer than he was. He had no idea how much the other owned herself, but he guessed it was more than he brought to the table. No, His contribution was not monetary. These two women had simply decided to bring him into their lives, He had already decided to ride this train to the end.

"Hey! What if I stumble across a great deal? I gotta take advantage." Derek replied with a grin. "Plus we can triple up the girls. We have three in our bed." he added grinning. Sarah grinned back and did not point out they had a king sized bed.

"Yeah? Just don''t let your cock control your thinking." Sarah said, Derek scoffed and asked since when did he have much control of anything anymore. Sarah giggled.

That morning after most of the women had left for work. Derek was drinking his last cup of coffee while he planned his day. He really had no pressing business until early afternoon when he would collect Lisa from slave camp but wanted to meet with Darren beforehand. Darren was not only going to clear some trees and brush off his property, he was going to introduce him to his brother, a real estate broker. Derek wanted the brother's opinion on selling Lisa's house and the townhouse Kat got from Cheryl as restitution. Just part of the business of owning slaves.

"Can I come along?" Kat asked. Derek shook his head and pointed out he thought Caroline had assigned Kat some housework. "Yeah, but if I am with you then I won't have to do it. She wants me to strip and remake all the beds and wash the sheets. I did housework all day yesterday. I'm bored being all alone." Kat said, almost pouting. Derek knew exactly what was going on. The girl was trying to get him in the middle. The others had tested him in the same way at one time or the other. He wanted them working as a team. Caroline was doing an excellent job keeping the household running and he had no desire to interfere with her management.

"I think you need to do what Caroline told you to do. I'm not going over her head." Derek said simply. At her expression he added. "It has been a while since I took one of the girls over my lap for a spanking." Taking the hint, Kat immediately dropped the issue and muttered, 'yes sir'.

Sarah was texting something on her phone and obviously had overheard the conversation. "Get your work done quick enough and you can ride along with me today." she offered. Kat took off like a rocket. Derek shook his head. Sarah smiled. "Almost like dealing with a kid instead of what, a twenty seven year old woman? I wonder if Rachael has done any study on how slaves regress emotionally." Derek pointed out the girl had only been a slave for a couple days even though she played the part for a week. "Maybe it is just boredom. She has another week before she gets medical clearance to return to work. At least the meds she is on seem to be doing the trick." Derek agreed.

Derek stopped by Lisa's place of work to talk to her boss, Howard. He wanted to let Howard know he now fully owned Lisa and to make sure their employment agreement was still in place. Lisa would return to work the following Monday. Howard was happy with the arrangement and had Derek sign the same employment contract Kat had the previous week.

"One more duty you have to handle when dealing with a slave that most people don't think about." Derek thought. "It is almost a business just owning them. Not just using them for sex and having them cater to you like the general public thinks." He had asked Lou if he should formalize his slave ownership as a business. Lou and Wanda both advised against it saying there was no upside to it like tax savings or expense write-offs. He would just have more paperwork. Derek decided he certainly did not want any more aggravation.

Lisa was very nervous when Derek walked into the little room to collect her. She stood in the 'present" position or rather slave camp's version. Instead of her hands behind her neck, they were in the small of her back. Derek noticed her nipples were on 'high beam'. He stifled his impulse to tweak one of them. "Glad to see me?" he asked softly.

Lisa nodded. "Yes, sir! I'm very happy to get out of here. Please take me home sir." Derek did not ask if she realized she would not be going to HER home. He told her to follow him. Once in the lobby, he handed her the bag that contained the clothing she had worn the week before when Kat signed her into slave camp.

Lisa was obviously surprised to see Derek park in front of her house. She had obviously anticipated him taking her elsewhere. He told her they were there to pick up clothing and toiletries. He helped her carry the bags to the two cars. She got into her own car and followed Derek home. Once back at home, he took her inside to show her her assigned room . She would be sharing a room with Rhonda. Room assignments had been the big topic of discussion among the slaves the night before. They finally settled on Lisa sharing with Rhonda, Kat with Wanda, and Cheryl with Caroline. He left her to move her belongings inside. The other women would be home soon. He opened his safe and pulled out stacks of cash.


Derek announced he was going to the casino that evening. Lou and Sarah decided they wanted to go as well. They quickly packed an overnight bag in case they spent the night. Derek planned to be home early in the morning as he was meeting Darren at the slave sale mid-morning. The bedroom door was open and they could hear the slaves in the living room.

"I just noticed Karen isn't here." Lisa said. "Where is she?" They had stayed close during the first slave camp session.

"We sold the bitch off." Cheryl answered loudly. "Derek sent her back to Florida to her ex husband. Good riddance, too. No more of her stuck up bullshit. Take a lesson from that. You are just one of the slaves now, bitch! No more giving orders. You tow the line or you might be the next to go. Better adjust your attitude."

Wanda immediately bristled. "Hold on there, Cheryl! There is no call for you treat Lisa that way!" Her voice got angry. "I know you two have had issues but get over it! She got punished for her actions. Lisa just went through a damn hard week. I know. I've been there. She does not need any crap from you."

"She's a bitch!" Cheryl said defiantly. "It was always her in charge. She loved to stick her nose into everybody else's business. She needs to learn she isn't on top anymore."

"I think she learned that lesson in slave camp." Wanda said, her voice dropping a bit in anger. "But I don't think you have learned your place. You didn't go last weekend to the party to be used as a little slave slut. The rest of us did. Well, Lisa was at slave camp. Lisa did you get called to the staff lounge?" Lisa replied 'every afternoon.' as she blushed. "Well, Cheryl, I can tell you Lisa put in her time between another woman's legs then. They love to drive the lesson home that a slave is a slave. Your butt was too marked up to go to the party so you stayed here. Have you licked another woman's pussy until she had enough of your tongue? No? Well, guess what, You are about to. Strip your clothes off bitch!"

Cheryl protested that Wanda could not give orders. "I can." came Caroline's voice. "Do what Wanda said. Take your clothes off."

"But why?" Cheryl asked, plaintively.

"Because slave girls using their mouths on a pussy need to be naked." Wanda said. Cheryl began to cry and beg. Listening, Lou asked Derek if he thought they should step in and intervene. He shook his head. "Let the girls work it out." he said.

"You talked about attitude. Well, your attitude needs to be fixed." Wanda said. "Lisa, go wash your pussy. Cheryl deserves to get a clean pussy to lick. We are ALL slaves. We are gonna live here together for the foreseeable future. We need to get along. We are equals. You need to realize that. Every one of us licked pussy this past week. We took dildos up all our holes. So you will too. I see you still haven't stripped your ass bare so guess, what? We raise the ante," Wanda went to the closet and opened a box inside, "This is one of the dildos Sarah and Lou take to the weekend parties. It is about the same size as Derek's cock so don't say you can't take it. We know you took his dick last weekend. You can suck this thing first or stick it up your pussy to get it wet. Either way it is going up your asshole. You will keep it in there until you finish licking pussy."

"No! It's gonna hurt!" Cheryl exclaimed. "Please don't make me do this." she begged.

"Guess what, We all get that at a party." Rhonda said. "It only hurts at first. After a bit you get used to it."

"You still have not stripped. Okay girls, All of you go wash your pussies. I warned Cheryl to do what she is told quickly or we raise the ante. Now she will lick all of us." Wanda declared. "And if she doesn't have that dildo up her butt when we get back, she'll kiss our assholes too. One way or another, girl, you are gonna learn to be one of the group." Derek did not hear anything else over Cheryl's crying.

Derek came out of the bedroom followed by Lou and Sarah. "Please, Derek," Cheryl begged. "Don't let them do this to me!" She looked at Sarah and Lou for support.

"Sounded like a group decision." Derek said. "Are you part of the group?" Caroline popped her head out of her bedroom door to listen. She caught Derek's eye and grinned at him.

"Oh, fuck!" Cheryl moaned as she began to quickly strip her clothes off. She left them in a pile on the floor and grabbed the dildo. She tried frantically to work it up inside her pussy. She fervently hoped her own lubrication would be enough. She suspected synthetic lube from a tube would cost her another penalty.

"I wonder how far the girls are going to take it." Lou said as they got into the car.

"Far enough to make their point." Derek said. "I'll bet that once she accepts her punishment, all will be forgiven. I wonder if Wanda realizes what she started. Justice at the hands of their fellow slave girls."

Sarah laughed. "I think Wanda is way ahead of us. I think she knows full well what she has instigated. She told me the other day, she sees our group as a family. Get on board or get out. Those were her words. Think about it. We have two mother/daughter pairings and two independents. Their social interaction will be interesting to watch. You notice how they assigned roommates, breaking up the mother/daughter pairings." Derek chuckled as they drove towards the gate.

Derek, Lou and Sarah walked into the house at dawn the next morning. They had stayed overnight at the casino but left early to come home. Wanda was in the kitchen sipping coffee. "I didn't see a dead body laying in the driveway this morning so I guess it all worked out?" Derek asked, grinning.

"Oh yeah. Cheryl bawled her ass off for a while. She dropped the dildo so Caroline worked it back up while she licked Lisa to a couple orgasms. Uhh. I would say, politically speaking, Caroline expunged a few of her own grievances." Wanda said with a grin. "We made Cheryl lick all of us. She is one of the group now. But we also made sure she got off several times. It's funny. None of us were lesbian but as slaves we have accepted we will be used that way and if we can enjoy ourselves in the process, it just makes things easier. I think we had a good attitude adjustment session. Thanks for not interfering, Boss.' Derek smiled and took his overnight bag to his room.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go along to the sale to help?" Wanda asked a few minutes later when he came out to get some coffee. Derek assured her he would be fine. Wanda got up and stood behind Derek, massaging his shoulders. She leaned over and licked his ear. "But I can be a LOT of help, boss." she breathed seductively.

"You are a manipulative bitch aren't you?" Derek asked grinning. Wanda grinned back and nodded.

"I'd rather not be here when the others get their day started." she said. "I don't want to be seen as a ringleader. Caroline is in charge as head slave and she does not need me to be around this morning. I told her last night I was not trying to take her position when Cheryl got in Lisa's face and I got angry. She understood or at least I hope she did. I need to stand back and let her assert full control. That will be easier if I am not even here." Wanda stated. Derek asked if she had said as much to Caroline. She nodded. "Yep. I told her this was her circus and her monkeys. I apologized for jumping Cheryl. She was glad I did. She said she was pissed too, but hesitated because of coming off too authoritarian."

Derek told her to go get dressed for the slave sale. She kissed him on the mouth and then ran to her room to get changed.

In the car on the way to slave sale, Derek turned to Wanda. "So you are happy to let Caroline run things but with you doing a little manipulation from the side huh?"

"No, Not at all." Wanda said. "I don't want any power. Well other than having my opinions at least considered. Derek, I have fifteen years of enslavement ahead of me. I thought about even if I appealed and got that reduced or eliminated where would I go. Now being on my own is appealing, VERY appealing. I could refuse to be used sexually. or spanked, beaten, marked etc, but at the same time I would still be on my own. I was kinda lonely before. I have a family now. I mean my daughter notwithstanding. She is going to have her own life. But I need more. I need a place to be. To belong. If I could join our group as a free woman like Lou and Sarah, I would in a heartbeat."

'I know the laws. I researched it." Wanda said. "You can't free me. But if you did. I will state right now, I would not go anywhere. I'd live right there in the house obeying your orders."

"And telling me what to do." Derek added with a grin.

"Of course! Just like I have done all along. If I think you need to do something, I will tell you." Wanda said grinning. "What you do with that is up to you. You are the boss."

Derek met Darren in the lobby of the slave sale. "I just arrived and registered as a buyer." Darren said. "Not as many people milling around as I thought there would be." Derek agreed and said the last time he came, there was at least twice as many buyers. They moved through the offered male slaves. Darren tended towards the buff, strong looking slaves.

"Think about it this way." Derek cautioned. "How much muscle does it take to run a lawn tractor or zero turn mower? Look for intelligence and compliance. Think of every slave as if you were interviewing him to be the head of the work crew not the brawn."

"Yeah. You're right. I was thinking about the slave as a toy. Or rather how he would be at the bar for others to use. Looks over substance." Daren offered. "I don't want problem children but I guess part of that comes with the territory. Buy a male, you have to expect him to be male." Derek nodded, They talked about half dozen of the slaves they both thought were good prospects. All the owners wanted top dollar. Derek shrugged and said he would have to think about it. He took Darren to one side.

"Let them stew on it. If nobody is interested at their price, they will come down. You gotta remember. Most of these slaves were obtained as restitution. The owners do not have a big investment to protect. These sellers also do NOT want to keep their slaves. They just want the most money they can get. It is all part of the negotiation." Derek said. "Let's go look at the females while these sellers think about what they are willing to accept."

They walked into the next room. Wanda followed. Buyers were looking more closely at each of the offerings here often running their hands over the slave girls' bodies. Darren made the first comment. "The guys were looked at like workers. These girls are more like meat on the grill. Some of these guys are feeling up every one of the girls. I mean I felt like seeing if a couple of those boys in the other room had a tight ass but these guys are blatant!" Derek nodded and said that was one difference.

"Many of these guys have no intention of making an offer to buy. They come for the show. They find it cheap entertainment to pay the ten dollar entrance fee and get to fondle some female flesh. The females generally cost more than any of the males. If it is cheap labor you are looking for, a male is the better way to go. Control is the key." They began to make the circuit of the offered girls.

"Hey, Derek, How y'all are?" came from one side. Derek turned to see the nice looking woman who had greeted him. "Pretty good, How's your momma nem?' he answered in the same Cajun fashion. He recognized the speaker as the educated lawyer he knew her to be despite the vernacular of her greeting. This was Lisa Townsend. She was Chad's cousin, not only the woman who had written his agreement to let Rob 'rent' Chad but the woman who had defended the trio, Chad, Rhonda and Caroline, when they were proved to be guilty of perjury and false charges.

He had dealt with Lisa on a couple occasions. She was instrumental in turning over all the assets Rhonda and her family owned to Derek. "I'm surprised to see you here," Derek said, glancing sideways at the woman standing on the dais, her neck attached to the pole behind. "Since when have you got into the slave trade?"

Lisa grinned. "Since one of my clients got busted for his fourth DUI. He just bought this girl thinking he could use her in his shop. He goes out, gets drunk and nailed by the cops on the way home. No money to pay for his defense so he offers me her ass in exchange. I gave him a pile of credit for his defense. He won't need it all. The way the cop arrested him was wrong and I can get him off based on that, but I still own the little bitch. Her former owner is gonna get into more trouble sooner or later so he needs the credit. I'll consider it a retainer." Lisa laughed. "You interested? She's not just a little cutesy bimbo. She actually has a brain. Mechanical engineer. Most of the people who have looked at her so far just see her as a piece of ass. That rankles me." Derek nodded and looked at the slave standing nude in front of him.


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