Debauchery Unleashed

Thanks to everyone who has read this series and special thanks to the most amazing friend who has inspired me to write these stories while also turning the tables on her all at the same time. You will need to read the first three parts for this to make sense. This is fiction and a Valentines surprise for an amazing friend -- your shithead, protective friend always.

After the Melbourne debauchery in that hotel room, our lives had changed forever. Between nightly chats, video calls and constant group texts which did not help with professional productivity there was always an element of who was going to blink next to up the ante in this triumvirate. Being the now completely corrupted geek, most would not assume this was going to be me -- but courage can be an amazing thing at the best of times.

One night before the summer holidays would begin, Misty had been to our house and we had been to hers. She was a part of the family and our tightest friend, even if it had a twist of corruption on the way through.

Drawers over time became filled with things that were not filled with before as the limits got pushed and the three of us decided to see who could, one up the others in everything -- professionally, cooking and sexually (and alcohol pouring in my case -- with no Southern Comfort).

So as Tiff laid down for the night after a hard day work the message chimed in "What's the Christmas plan?" and for which I had already concocted this plan in anticipation -- I send through the pictures of a gorgeous villa resort in the Cook Islands with the response "Kia Orana".

After Misty whined about her snow-white skin and ginger hair and the heat and my responses of emojis of sunscreen and a hat were shot to pieces, the trip was agreed to via Auckland and a trip through Waiheke Island and a day into the Bay of Islands before the through flight to Rarotonga.

However, there was a month to go and I knew that Misty's revenge would come in the fullness of time.

As the time came, we all met at the Airport on Boxing Day and flew out in style. The flights were lovely, and I know my way around Auckland Airport like the back of my hand as does Tiff considering the amount of time, we spend there.

We stayed in the best hotel in the CBD (Sky) and it was luxurious squared. We had two bedrooms which were rarely used as we went through the tours, my accent changed and deepened into a more natural state as we went through the vineyards there was cuddles and chats and whispers as we went through Waiheke Islands.

The most gorgeous scenery came as we went through these beautiful places, drank the best wine, ate the best food and it was just an amazing experience. It was also wonderful to show a close friend one of the places that we essentially call our second home.

The Bay of Islands is just one of the most stunning places we have ever been. Its remote, with a touch of rural but also just some of the most stunning places you can go. It goes through the heart of northern rural country but just some of the best people you will ever meet.

On our final night we would have looked like the strangest threesome going but we did not care. We were proverbially walking on air as we were so close. We did not give a damn that room cleaners only had to make one bed and what they thought and we sure as hell did not care to hide some of the more adult things we have stuffed away in suitcases (mainly Misty but were not innocent in these misdemeanors anymore).

On the final day as we packed for the airport, there were distractions galore. Between Misty distracting Tiff and Tiff having to get her away... then her coming to distract my packing and my being easily distracted as she fucked around with my shithead brain.... We would kiss passionately and then the once out of frustration I pinned her to the wall and got roused on by Tiff and got told to get the shit together.

Then as I packed up the bathroom, I find that Tiff has snapped. Tiff has decided to throw Misty on to the top of the bed, ripped her skirt in two so it was two pieces of fabric on the floor and begun to devour Misty like she was in heat. Her fierceness and her lack of mercy was so utterly arousing I just stood there and watched like an idiot. This might not be the first time I had seen this, but this was the first time I had seen Tiff so horny and enraged simultaneously and Tiff's antics that I saw her rip another... well anything in terms of clothing to go down on someone.

Misty was squirming and moaning and begging for more... She knew she had won her battle to get fucked before we got on the plane.

Tiff was savouring and taking her time at this. She was not going to let Misty get the orgasm quickly. She was going to make her suffer.

As she started to grip Tiff's head with her thighs though, the orgasm was clearly coming (excuse the pun).

Misty then suddenly convulsed and started screaming "Fuck I am so close... stay right there babe".

With that Tiff used her long arms and height difference to pin her down. Then she kissed her deeply and used the tie to a hotel bathrobe to tie her hands together.

She evilly whispered "No orgasm for you".

Then Tiff wandered over to me with my mouth open and kissed me so I could taste our new prisoner off her lips. I was so turned on, now it was turn. I pushed Tiff back to the bed, bent her over and yanked down her shorts and just roughly pounded her now soaking wet pussy like my life depended on it.

As I pounded her, Tiff kissed Misty and pinned her down as she begged and whined to be allowed to cum, all without avail.

I pounded Tiff as we both grunted and groaned, Tiffs legs started to quiver as I started to rub her clit to send her wild.

She screamed into Misty's mouth as her orgasm washed over her. As her pussy clamped down on me, I did not last more then a few seconds later as I pumped every drop of cum into her pussy.

As I fell on top of Tiff, she rolled me on to the bed and kissed me gently as Misty struggled on the bed to try and get out of the ties.

"Should we let her out of the restraint?" Tiff asked me.

I grinned and replied "Let her out... but don't let her cum" I smiled and replied back to her.

If looks could of killed at that moment, I would have been dead because Misty would have killed me. However, she knew she was defeated and agreed to the terms. No orgasm until Rarotonga.

We got our stuff together and piled into the minibus to shuttle us out to the Airport. We must have looked like the strangest group of three going. My legs looked wobbly, my hair was messed up and I had this Cheshire cat like grin on my face.

Tiff's hair looked like it has been in an electrical socket, her lips had the messiest lip gloss on them ever so some would have assumed she was drunk or hungover (she was, but not in the way everyone thought... and that was not lip gloss).

All the while, Misty sat in the back corner of the bus and was squirming in her seat the whole ride into the Airport. The bus was full so she could not be outrageous, and Tiff made sure to pin a hand under her thigh so she could not be sneaky to relieve the tension.

After the pleasantries we made sure once in the lounge that I fetched the drinks and we kept and eagle eye on Misty to make sure she could not sneak a stress relieving orgasm out and yes, she tried.

As I went away, she would nibble on Tiff's ears, kiss Tiff's neck and try her best to lure her away but Tiff resisted, and I resisted as well (although it was hard for me to resist in more ways than one).

We boarded and then the announcer revealed the obvious about the near six-hour flight and Misty sitting in the middle of us could have climbed the walls by now to get the orgasm she so deeply craved.

As we took off, she pined and begged for the first hour to be allowed to cum. Tiff and I played the dutiful parent role and told her that it was good for her to wait.

Mid flight she went to the toilet and we told her if she got herself off, we would know, and she would not like the punishment at all. She pined and begged, we said no.

She came back with clean hands and still thoroughly frustrated.

As the movie played and the meal and drinks came, her hands wondered. Before Tiff knew that it she had Misty's fingers in her pants and teasing her clit in her seat. Tiff gasped but Misty knew she was close to winning so she upped the ante by kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear.

Tiff tried to fight her, but Misty is strong and feisty when she is determined to be a shit to either one of us.

I knew Tiff was about to orgasm in her seat. Now Tiff can be quiet and orgasm, but Misty likes the risk and gets off on it. So, as she fingered Tiff in her seat, she tried to finger herself. Tiff wanted to stop her but was preoccupied.

I was paying attention (obviously) as I grabbed Misty's arm as tight as I could to make sure she could not sneak the orgasm she wanted.

Just because she was going to make Tiff cum, does not mean that she was going to get what she wanted.

Before too long she looked into my eyes and I nodded that it was OK.

Her eyes rolled and she bit on her lip hard and at that moment I knew that she was going to have the most public orgasm she has ever had in her life. This is a shitload riskier than anything we have done on our own before this point.

Then her legs quivered, and the orgasm washed over her as she all of a sudden went very flush in the face and started sweating and shaking profusely. I think she panicked for am moment as to who noticed what had just happened.

Then she realised she had gotten away with it and the pair of them had the most satisfied grins going except for the fact that Misty was still climbing the walls frustrated.

As you land in the Airport, there is a lovely cultural dance and someone to put a lae over your neck as you walk through the Airport. Misty asked what it was called and found the irony in the name which Tiff thought was a little childish but also giggled a touch.

Then we got on the bus and checked into the hotel. We moved through the maze of the resort we were in and got to the Villa that we were in. Again it was two bedrooms but this time there was the surprise.

Before we knew it, I heard the scream... "Hannah!"

She dashed to the door of the Villa and hugged this amazing Asian beauty that was standing there in an ironic stars and stripes bikini that was rather skimpy and revealing. Black hair died Lavender like a rebellious child but the rest of her looked like the strait-laced Asian woman you would expect.

We heard about Hannah and where she fits into Misty's life and we knew we would meet her, but there were a whole bunch of questions to fill in the obvious gaps as to who knew what. Misty ran to her, hugged her and blabbed about what had happened in Auckland and how she had been climbing to walls to cum for nearly eight hours now and it was torture.

Hannah laughed very hard at her pain and walked right up to Tiff outside the Villa and made out with her deeply on the spot. This was not expected for sure that three would become four, but it looked like this was certainly on for love for money.

As Tiff drew breath and muttered "nice to finally meet you" with a smile, Hannah replied "Don't worry I know everything about the three of you and I am in". Hannah was sweet and a touch protective of her American hippy lover by the looks of it and would not deny her the odd friendship between the three of us.

Before we all realised, Misty had stripped naked and started fingering herself outside the door as she watched. She was not in a mood to wait after the torture we had put her through. No one could see but Tiff and I had a laugh at her juvenile impatience in such a kinky adult way.

Being hard and standing there like a moron I opened the door over Misty's shoulder and kissed her neck while whispering "you truly are a magnificent shit".

As we all bundled in to the doors and slammed them shut my brain starting working through the scenarios of how four naked, horny people were going to fit into one bed. Misty saw me standing there as the three of them stripped and started kissing like a complete 'dork'.

I was more stunned and thinking with my big brain was just something that was not something that was required in this scenario. Before I knew it I was stripped naked with Misty kissing me deeply while reassuring me that everything is OK and everything will be the way it should be... then I blinked a couple times after kissing her. I then pulled her in and kissed her again and whispered "thankyou".

Then a sandal flew across the room and hit me in the head which caused rapturous laughter. It was a dear wife who yelled "Dumbass... you aren't a computer so get over here.". This caused much self-deprecating laughter at my expense at which I joined everyone on the bed.

Mental note -- four people can fit in a king bed.

Before I knew it, Misty had dragged Hannah on top of her face and had Tiff to finish what she started in Auckland this morning. Tiff relented in her previous sympathy and started eating Misty out like her life depended on it. At this point, six months ago it would not have crossed Tiff's mind to eat any pussy let alone two. In saying that, before Misty came into my life for real I thought I would just be a perverted thinker who might move the needle slightly inside my marriage while maintaining a solid sex life.

Before I knew it I was back pounding Tiff's pussy for round two in the same day. This was simply bliss, to be fucking my wife senseless as she ate Misty. With Hannah on her face, Misty was never going to last long.

I was focused on lasting as long as I could before cumming. However, before I knew it Hannah had pushed me out of Tiff and kissed me deeply for the first time since we met. She kissed me and just knowingly said "thankyou" before eating Tiff's pussy for the first time in this encounter. I took a deep breath and a swig of water before Misty pulled on to my hips and she was giving me one the of the slowest, teasing blowjobs I had ever received in my life.

As the hours rolled on the positions switched before someone had reached into a bag that was somewhere and decided to dildo fuck my ass while I was receiving the blowjob of my life. I don't know where this was meant to end as this always sped me up to cumming.

As I got close though, mercy was shown, and it stopped. I took a breath and came down from the high with Misty whispering behind me "denial is a bitch isn't it?". I knew this was revenge for earlier in the day, but I could cop it sweet, all things considered.

Then before I knew it Hannah was eating Tiff as if she was auditioning for a prize. Misty always said Hannah was amazing at eating pussy and right now, she was showing it off. Tiff was squirming and moaning and begging for more like she had never done before. She looked amazing in her ecstasy as Misty and I looked for a moment at the end-product of her handy work of corruption.

I felt like an accomplice in that second to the best crime ever committed.

Then Misty pushed me on the bed and before I realised she had sucked Tiff's juices off my cock as Hannah was level with her in terms of position eating Tiff's pussy. Every now and then they would kiss each-other and Tiff and I would kiss each other.

As my eyes rolled in this blowjob of a lifetime and Tiff was getting so loud I was sure the whole island could hear this insane orgy I heard "Babe, you finish him and I will do her... it seems only fair" from Hannah.

Before I knew it, I was being ridden like a maniac by Misty. Her pelvis was grinding into me as she rode up and down on my cock. She was kiss me for added effect but at this point she knew every square inch of my brain. She knew my brain like no one else does -- the good, the bad, the debauched and the perverted.

Misty knows that you must get my brain to work before you can get my cock to work.

As she rode me and got closer and closer, she was mirroring Tiff moan for more and utterance for utterance. I could feel her getting tighter on my cock and feel her legs gripping me like a vice. She wanted her orgasm and she wanted it bad and the bitchiness of before was not even in my brain.

My brain was a blue screen and she knew it.

Tiff was whispering encouragement to me to just let it all go as she got closer and closer. She wanted to time her orgasm to mine which seemed oddly poetic and perverted all at the same time. However, before she knew it she looked like she was possessed as she wrapped her legs around Hannah and screamed like nothing we had ever seen before as the orgasm swept over her.

This orgasm was a thing of beauty, it went on and on as she ground her pussy into Hannah's face and Hannah took every drop she could of her sweet nectar.

Tiff then looks at me and kisses my neck. Before she can finish, my legs buck and spasm as Misty and I cum simultaneously. I felt like I had a mixture of a vice and a vacuum on my cock as every last drop of cum drained from my balls.

We all collapsed on the bed as kisses and hands followed all over each other.

Before we knew it, Hannah and Tiff had collapsed and fell asleep momentarily. I collapsed and before I knew it Misty kissed me and whispered, "Turns out you just needed a harem and a couple of sister wives to completely corrupt your shithead brain."

I giggled, smiled and she fell asleep with the most wicked grin as she spooned Hannah and I spooned her.


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